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Maureen Reardon MO/RE







      "Marginalized groups, transient weather
patterns, the ebb and flow of information and perceived powers shifting on a global scale inform my work as I interpret a personal language and vocabulary of ​forms."


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An Inclusive Model of Innovation for Community and Business Sustainability by Maureen Reardon Copyright March 30, 2011

CARDINAL POINTS XCHANGE is a concept driven inclusive community model of advocacy. For example: Angela DeMontigny participates in the traditions of her own tribe in Canada while inspiring others through her success as a fashion designer. Setting an example for others to follow, Angela inspires her community while building creative economy and establishing her own curb of commerce both locally and internationally.

Artists and Designers from all aspects of the Art/Design world not originating from, but influenced by Peoples whose tribal origins resonate to ancient times in the Americas: Take Note. This opportunity presents the idea for potential to turnaround a percentage of profits to a tribe whose history has influenced the success of a business and inspired design trends for centuries. Indigenous artists and artisans have long been overlooked for their contribution to the design industry. Designers on the cusp of new trends influenced by indigenous art have been exploiting the riches of indigenous design for too long. The heart, mind and spirit of a designer/artist is drawn from a collective pool of inspiration, so why not broaden that belief in creativity.

Influence youth in a positive way by ‘being’ a bridge to the culture that inspires you. Think beyond your own special interests to consider giving back to the source of your inspiration. Develop a company program to sponsor an indigenous intern whose talent can begin to build authenticity to the frame of reference for your product. If you want to style your collection from the roots design of a tribe, then connect with the source. Encourage and discover perspectives from the eye of a designer. The structure of historical clothing and patterns drawn from the inspiration of ancestors are woven into the work like a painting on canvas as the material yields to the energy of the maker and then translated by the hands that guide the couture needle.

~Maureen Reardon

Artist/Founder of CPCXPCP Cardinal Points Place
and other Projects