Maureen Reardon MO/RE







      "Marginalized groups, transient weather
patterns, the ebb and flow of information and perceived powers shifting on a global scale inform my work as I interpret a personal language and vocabulary of ​forms."



ON this groundTM

Do you draw a series of designs to start a project?

MR Answer: My art originates from working the material with my hands. Drawings relate to concepts derived from the initial experience. There are random moments when scribbles are representational of a work with no prior investigation, but may be the result of a cumulative approach sort of like sailing in unchartered waters. I tend to be open and clear enough to allow for those moments to occur at any time.

Question: I see you have posted a notice for Interns in the About Us section on your website.  In what capacity will they be working with you?

MR Answer:

In the capacity to which their skill set aligns with methodologies used to sustain a dialogue including woodworking and metalwork: to work metal wire by hand or to operate tools consistent with building a sculpture. Independently and together to broaden the scope of inquiry through observation of a body of work, or participate in formulating a fresh perspective by advancing concepts in technology.  

Light sculpture in a dual context from installation for the purpose of exhibition, commission or public art presents a perimeter within which to interpret the scale of work in various forms. It is the space between the interior and exterior that calls me to establish an intern experience. Academic advisers are pertinent to meeting expectations, or as otherwise arranged. My purpose is being present to the work and to be responsible for the final creative output that evolves from a collaboration. 

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